A/T 3rd Clutch Transmission Fluid Pressure Switch Replacement

1.Disconnect the battery negative terminal, then disconnect the battery positive terminal.

2.Remove the battery hold-down bracket, remove the battery and battery tray, and remove the battery base.

3.Disconnect 3rd clutch transmission fluid pressure switch connector, then remove the switch (A).


4.Make sure there is no water, oil, dust, or foreign particles inside the connector.

5.Install the new 3rd clutch transmission fluid pressure switch with a new sealing washer (B), and tighten the switch to the specified torque on the metal part, not the plastic part.

6.Connect the connector securely.

7.Install the battery base, battery tray, and battery, then secure the battery with its hold-down bracket.

8.Connect the battery terminals.

9.Perform the power window control unit reset procedure.