ATF Temperature Sensor Test and Replacement

1.Remove the splash shield.

2.Remove the drain plug (A), and drain the automatic transmission fluid (ATF). Then reinstall the drain plug with a new sealing washer (B).


3.Disconnect the battery negative terminal, then disconnect the battery positive terminal.

4.Remove the battery hold-down bracket, then remove the battery and battery tray.

5.Remove the battery base.

6.Place the transmission jack under the transmission, and lift it up to create clearance between the transmission and front subframe.

7.Disconnect the shift solenoid harness connector.

8.Remove the bolt (A) securing the bracket (B) of the ATF cooler inlet line (C) on the shift solenoid valve cover (D), and remove the line bolt (E) and sealing washers (F).


9.Remove the shift solenoid valve cover, dowel pins (G), and gasket (H).

10.Remove the shift solenoid harness connector.


11.Measure ATF temperature sensor resistance between shift solenoid harness connector terminals No. 6 and No. 7.

Standard:  50 W-25 kW 

12.If the resistance is out of standard, replace the ATF temperature sensor and solenoid harness; go to step 14. The ATF temperature sensor is not available separately from the solenoid harness.
If the measurement is within the standard, install the removed parts; go to step 16.

13.Disconnect the connectors from the shift solenoid valves.

14.Connect the shift solenoid valve D connector with the ATF temperature sensor (F) on the shift solenoid harness.


15.Connect the solenoid valve A connector (BLU wire), solenoid valve B connector (ORN wire), solenoid valve C connector (GRN wire), and solenoid valve E connector (RED wire).

16.Install the new O-ring (G) on the shift solenoid harness connector (H), and install the connector in the transmission housing.

17.Install the shift solenoid valve cover, dowel pins and a new gasket.

18.Install the ATF cooler inlet line with the line bolt and the new sealing washers. Create clearance with the jack between the transmission and the front subframe to tighten the line bolt to the specified torque with the torque wrench.

19.Secure the ATF cooler line bracket on the shift solenoid valve cover with the bolt.

20.Check the connector for rust, dirt, or oil, then connect the connector securely.

21.Remove the transmission jack.

22.Refill the transmission with ATF.

23.Install the battery base, battery tray, and battery, then secure the battery with its hold-down bracket.

24.Connect the battery terminals.

25.Perform the power window control unit reset procedure.