Secondary Shaft 1st Gear Clearance Inspection

Special Tools Required
Driver attachment, 42 mm I.D. (  07QAD-P0A0100)

1.Install the thrust needle bearing (A), needle bearing (B), 1st gear (C), thrust needle bearing (D), 40 x 51.5 mm thrust washer (E), 1st/3rd clutch (F), and 3rd gear collar (G) on the secondary shaft (H).


2.Install the idler gear (I), then install the ball bearing (J) on the idler gear with the special tool and a press.


3.Install the conical spring washer (K) and locknut (L), then tighten the locknut to 29 N·m (3.0 kgf·m, 22 lbf·ft).

4.Turn the secondary shaft assembly upside down, and set the dial indicator (A) on the 1st gear (B).


5.Hold the secondary shaft, and measure the 1st gear axial clearance in at least three places while moving the 1st gear (A). Use the average as the actual clearance.

Standard:  0.04-0.12 mm (0.002-0.005 in.) 


6.If the clearance is out of standard, remove the 40 x 51.5 mm thrust washer and measure its thickness.

7.Select and install a new thrust washer, then recheck.

THRUST WASHER, 40 x 51.5 mm
No. Part Number Thickness 
90503-PRP-000 4.80 mm (0.189 in.) 
90504-PRP-000 4.85 mm (0.191 in.) 
90505-PRP-000 4.90 mm (0.193 in.) 
90506-PRP-000 4.95 mm (0.195 in.) 
90507-PRP-000 5.00 mm (0.197 in.) 
90508-PRP-000 5.05 mm (0.199 in.) 

8.After replacing the thrust washer, make sure the clearance is within standard.

9.Disassemble the shaft and gears.