Service Precautions for 4WD Model

This 4WD model does not have the feature that mechanically switches between 4WD (four-wheel drive) and 2WD (front-wheel drive).

Do not drive the vehicle with rear wheels on the ground even though the front wheels are off the ground. The front wheel power is conveyed to the rear wheels, and the vehicle will start off.

Always lift the vehicle up so all four wheels are off the ground when testing and inspecting the vehicle to rotate the wheels such as Pressure Tests.

Use the free rollers under the rear wheels when performing test the vehicle with the speedometer tester.

Precautions on using free rollers:

  • Make sure to place the free rollers parallel to the roller of each speedometer tester.
  • Putting the front and rear wheels on the speedometer testers and free rollers inappropriately may cause the vehicle to roll off or over the free rollers and create a hazardous condition.
  • The side anchor wires and certain tie-down wire must be appropriately tensioned. If the wires have too much slack, the expected tie-down efficiency cannot be obtained.
  • When attaching the side anchor wires and center tie-down wire, make sure they are not interfering with the bumper and other parts of the vehicle body.
  • Do not attach the wires to any place other than the designed areas.
  • Do not operate the speedometer testers at a speed more than 50 km/h (31 mph) or for more than 3 minutes.

1.Set the free rollers according to the wheel base and tread of the vehicle.

2.Move the vehicle to position the front wheels on the speedometer tester and the rear wheels on the free rollers. Make sure to align the center of the wheels to the center of the speedometer tester and the free rollers.

3.Tie down the vehicle securely using the towing hook and tie-down hook bracket to prevent the vehicle from rolling or over the free rollers.

4.Start the engine, shift the transmission into the D position, accelerate the vehicle gradually, and measure the vehicle speed.

5.After measurement, use the brake pedal to gradually decelerate and stop the vehicle.