Transfer Assembly Inspection

1.Set the dial indicator (A) on the companion flange (B).


2.Measure the transfer gear backlash.

Standard: 0.06-0.16 mm (0.02-0.06 in.) 

3.Secure the transfer housing (A) in a bench vise (B) with soft jaws. To prevent damage to the transfer housing, always use soft jaws or equivalent materials between the transfer housing and the vise.


4.Rotate the companion flange several times to seat the tapered roller bearings.

5.Measure the starting torque at the companion flange (C) with a torque wrench (D) and a socket (E).

Standard: 1.96-3.14 N·m
(20.0-32.0 kgf·cm, 17.4-27.8 lbf·in.)

6.Remove the transfer assembly from the vise.

7.Remove the transfer holder (A) from the transfer housing (B), then remove the O-ring (C) from the transfer holder.


8.Apply Prussian Blue to both side of the transfer drive gear teeth lightly and evenly.

9.Install the transfer holder, and tighten the bolts. Do not install the O-ring on the transfer holder.

10.Rotate the companion flange in both directions until the transfer gears rotate one full turn in both directions.

11.Remove the transfer holder, and check the transfer drive gear tooth contact pattern. The pattern should be centered on the gear teeth as shown.


12.If the measurements are out of standard or the tooth contact pattern are incorrect, disassemble the transfer assembly and repair.