Cylinder Head Installation

Install the cylinder head in the reverse order of removal.

1.Clean the cylinder head, piston head, and engine block surface.

2.Inspect the cylinder head warpage.

3.Measure the piston head projection value for each cylinder using the dial indicator.

-1 Set the dial indicator (A) on the engine block.
-2 Zero the dial indicator at the point B on the engine block, then measure the projection value at the point C on the piston head. Do the same procedure at the point D, after zero the indicator at the point E.
-3 Average of the measured values.
-4 Measure the piston head projection value at other three pistons, and note the highest piston head projection value.



4.Select a cylinder head gasket according to the highest piston head projection value.

Piston Head Projection Value Part No. Gasket Mark 
Letter Notch 
0.485-0.535 mm
(0.0191-0.0211 in.) 
0.535-0.585 mm
(0.0211-0.0230 in.) 
0.585-0.635 mm
(0.0230-0.0250 in.) 
0.635-0.685 mm
(0.0250-0.0270 in.) 
0.685-0.735 mm
(0.0270-0.0289 in.) 


5.Clean and install the oil control orifice (A) with new O-ring (B).


6.Install the dowel pins (C) and new cylinder head gasket (D).

7.Set the crankshaft to top dead center (TDC). Align the TDC mark (A) on the crankshaft sprocket with the pointer (B) on the engine block.


8.Install the cylinder head on the engine block.

9.Measure the diameter of each cylinder head bolt at point A and point B.


10.If either diameter is less than 12.5 mm (0.492 in.), replace the cylinder head bolt.

11.With replacing the engine block. Apply new engine oil to the threads and bolt heads of all cylinder head bolts, and torque the cylinder head bolts in sequence to 49 N·m (5.0 kgf·m, 36 lbf·ft), then tighten cylinder head bolts in two steps (100 ° per step). Loosen the all cylinder head bolts.


12.Apply new engine oil to the threads and bolt heads of all cylinder head bolt.

13.Tighten the cylinder head bolts in sequence to 49 N·m (5.0 kgf·m, 36 lbf·ft). Use a beam-type torque wrench. When using a preset-type torque wrench, be sure tighten slowly and do not overtighten. If a bolt makes any noise while you are torquing it, loosen the bolt and retighten it from the first step.

Specified Torque: 
49 N·m (5.0 kgf·m, 36 lbf·ft) 


14.After torquing, if using the used cylinder head bolt, tighten all cylinder head bolts in three steps (90 ° per step). If using a new cylinder head bolt, tighten at 110 ° on the first step, at 100 ° on the second and third steps.

NOTE: Remove the cylinder head bolt if you tightened it beyond the specified angle, and go back to 9 of the procedure. Do not loosen it back to the specified angle.

Used Bolt 

New Bolt 

15.Tighten the two 6 mm bolts securing the cylinder head.

16.Bleed the air from the hydraulic tappet.

17.Install all hydraulic tappet/rocker arm assembles in the cylinder head.


18.Install the lower camshaft holder.


19.Align the punch mark on the exhaust camshaft gear in the center of the two punch marks on the intake camshaft gear, then install the camshafts on the lower camshaft holder.


20.Position the camshaft journal marks correctly, and position the arrows to face the cam chain side, then install the upper camshaft holders as shown illustration.


21.Tighten the bolts in sequence to the specified torque.

Specified Torque 
8 mm Bolts: 22 N·m (22 kgf·m, 16 lbf·ft) 
6 mm Bolts: 12 N·m (1.2 kgf·m, 8.7 lbf·ft) 
6 mm Bolts: (21), (22), (23) 


22.Install the cam chain.

23.Install the fuel pump.

24.Install the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) cooler bypass valve.

25.Install the exhaust manifold.

26.Install the intake manifold.

27.Install the heater hoses.


28.Install the upper radiator hose.


29.Install the fuel return hose (A) and brake booster vacuum hose (B).


30.Install the fuel feed hose.


31.Install the power steering (P/S) pump (A), and the P/S hose clamp (B).


32.Install the drive belt.

33.Refill the radiator with engine coolant, and bleed air from the cooling system with the heater valve open.

34.Do the fuel system bleed procedure.

35.Inspect the idle speed.