Engine Removal


1.Secure the hood in the wide open position (support rod in the lower hole).

2.Make sure you have the anti-theft codes for the radio and navigation system, then write down the customer's audio presets.

3.Disconnect the negative cable from the battery first, then the positive cable.

4.Remove the engine cover.


5.Remove the battery.

6.Remove the air cleaner housing.

7.Remove the harness clamps (A), then remove the battery base (B).


8.Remove the intake air duct.


9.Remove the clutch line bracket (A).


10.Remove the two bolts (B), and loosen the two bolts (C) securing the battery base bracket, then remove the battery base bracket (D).

11.Remove the battery cables (A) from the under-hood fuse/relay box.


12.Remove the glow control module (B).

13.Disconnect the harness connectors (C), then remove the harness connector bracket (D) from the under-hood fuse/relay box.

14.Remove the clutch slave cylinder, and clutch line bracket mounting nut.

15.Remove the shift cable and select cable.

16.Remove the intercooler outlet hose.


17.Remove the fuel feed hose from the fuel pump.


18.Remove the fuel return hose (A) and brake booster vacuum hose (B).


19.Disconnect the engine control module (ECM) connectors.


20.Remove the glove box stops, then open the glove box.

21.Remove the connector from the bracket, then disconnect the engine wire harness connector (A).


22.Remove the harness clamp (B).

23.Disconnect the accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor connector (A).


24.Remove the harness clamps (B) and ground cable (C).

25.Remove the harness clamps (A) and grommet (B), then pull the engine wire harness through the bulkhead.


26.Remove the expansion tank cap.

27.Raise the vehicle on the hoist to full height.

28.Remove the front wheels.

29.Remove the splash shield.


30.Loosen the drain plug in the radiator, and drain the engine coolant.

31.Drain the transmission fluid.

32.Drain the engine oil.

33.Disconnect the stabilizer links.

34.Separate the knuckles from the lower arms.

35.Remove the driveshafts. Coat all precision-finished surfaces with clean engine oil. Tie plastic bags over the driveshaft ends.

36.Separate the propeller shaft from the transfer assembly.

37.Remove exhaust pipe A.


38.Loosen the bands (A) securing the turbocharger outlet hose and intercooler intake hose, and remove the intercooler intake hose (B), then remove the intercooler intake pipe mounting bolts (C).


39.Remove the intercooler intake pipe bracket (D), then remove the intercooler intake pipe (E).

40.Lower the vehicle on the hoist.

41.Remove the radiator.

42.Remove the intercooler.

43.Remove the harness clamp (A) and water bypass hose (B), then remove the expansion tank (C).


44.Remove the drive belt.

45.Remove the power steering (P/S) pump (A), and the P/S hose clamp (B). Do not disconnect the P/S hoses from the pump.


46.Remove the heater hoses.


47.Remove the A/C compressor without disconnecting the A/C hoses.


48.Raise the vehicle on the hoist to full height.

49.Remove the lower torque rod.


50.Remove the two bolts securing the transmission lower mount.


51.Lower the vehicle on the hoist.

52.Attach the chain hoist to the engine as shown.


53.Remove the transmission upper mount bracket.


54.Remove the ground cable (A), then remove the transmission upper mount (B).


55.Remove the upper torque rod.


56.Remove the side engine mount bracket.


57.Check that the engine/transmission is completely free of vacuum hoses, fuel and coolant hoses, and electrical wiring.

58.Slowly raise the engine/transmission assembly about 150 mm (6 in.). Check once again that all hoses and wires are disconnected from the engine/transmission.

59.Raise the engine/transmission assembly all the way, and remove it from the vehicle.