Engine Oil Pan Removal

NOTE: Make sure to inspect the oil pump chain, when removing the oil pan.

1.If the engine is out of the vehicle, go to 13.

2.Remove the drive belt.

3.Remove the splash shield.

4.Drain the engine oil.

5.Disconnect the stabilizer links.

6.Separate the knuckles from the lower arms.

7.Loosen the bands (A) securing the turbocharger outlet hose and intercooler intake hose, and remove the intercooler intake hose (B), then remove the intercooler intake pipe mounting bolts (C).


8.Remove the intercooler intake pipe bracket (D), then remove the intercooler intake pipe (E).

9.Remove the lower torque rod (A), then remove the torque rod bracket (B).


10.Remove the two bolts securing the transmission lower mount.


11.Make the appropriate reference lines at positions A and B that line up with the center of the subframe mounting bolts (C).


12.Remove the four subframe mounting bolts, then lower the subframe.


13.Remove the engine oil pressure switch.

14.Remove the dipstick.

15.Remove the dipstick tube (A) and O-ring (B).


16.Remove the A/C compressor without disconnecting A/C line.

17.Remove the A/C compressor bracket.

18.Remove the transmission mounting bolts.


19.Remove the bolts securing the oil pan.

20.Using a flat blade screwdriver, separate the oil pan from the lower block in the places shown.


21.Inspect the oil pump chain.