Injector Replacement


1.Remove the engine cover.

2.Remove the injector fuel return hose (A).


3.Disconnect the injector 2P connector (B).

4.Place a wrench (A) on the joint (B).

NOTE: Do not move the joint (B).


5.Place a wrench (C) on the nut (D), then remove the high pressure pipes (E).

6.Remove the nozzle arm (A), and the injector (B).

  • Wipe off the carbon from the injector (C) and cylinder (D) with a rag or shop towel.
  • Do not clean the injection area (E) of the injector.




1.Position the injector angle, tighten the nut (A) by the hand with a new high pressure pipe.


2.Install the nozzle arm (B), and the injector with a new gasket (C).

3.Tighten the nozzle arm bolt (D), and tighten the bolt an 90 °.

4.Tighten the nuts of injector side.

5.Tighten the nuts of fuel rail side (E).

6.Install the parts in the reverse order of removal.

  • If the O-ring (F) is damage, replace the injector return hose assembly (G).
  • Clean the bolts and dry it, and install the bolts.
  • Tighten the bolts with the specified torque, then tighten to the angle as shown.
  • The high pressure pipe can not be reused once it has been removed or loosened. Replace the five high pressure pipes.
  • If the injector return hose clip has been removed, replace it.

7.Bleed the fuel system.

8.Do the Injector Quantity Adjustment.