Fuel Rail Replacement


1.Remove the engine cover.

2.Raise the solenoid valves brackets (A).


3.Disconnect the FRP sensor connector (A), fuel injector connectors (B), and glow plug connectors (C).


4.Place a wrench (D) on the nut (E), and place a wrench (F) on the nut (G) then remove the high pressure pipes (H).

5.Disconnect the fuel rail return hose (I).

6.Remove the fuel rail (J).


1.Remove the injectors.

2.Install the fuel rail (A) and connect the fuel rail return hose.


3.Position the injector angle, tighten the nuts (B) by the hand with a new high pressure pipes.

4.Install the nozzle arm (C), and the injector with a new gasket.

5.Tighten the nuts of injector side.

6.Tighten the nuts of fuel rail side (D).

7.Loosen the fuel pump.

8.Tighten the nuts (A) by the hand with a new high pressure pipe.


9.Tighten the fuel pump.

10.Tighten the nut of fuel pump side (B).

11.Tighten the nut of fuel rail side (C).

12.Install the parts in the reverse order of removal with a new injector fuel return hose assembly, and bleed the fuel system.

  • If the high pressure pipe clamp and rubber (C) are is not installed, fuel may leak from fuel pipe.
  • If the O-ring is damage, replace the injector return hose assembly.