Engine Oil Filter Housing Replacement

1.Remove the engine cover.

2.Remove the drive belt.

3.Remove the power steering (P/S) pump, and the P/S hose clamp. Do not disconnect the P/S hoses from the pump.

4.Remove the alternator.

5.Remove the A/C compressor. Do not disconnect the A/C line from the compressor.

6.Remove the thermostat housing.

7.Remove the oil filter housing assembly (A).


8.Remove the oil filter assembly, engine oil cooler, drive belt auto-tensioner, and water pump, then replace the oil filter housing.

9.Reassemble the oil filter housing reverse order of removal, then install the oil filter housing using the new O-rings (B).

10.Install the thermostat housing.

11.Install the A/C compressor.

12.Install the alternator.

13.Install the P/S pump and the P/S hose clamp.

14.Install the drive belt.

15.Install the engine cover.