Transfer Disassembly

Special Tools Required
Companion Flange Holder (  07PAB-0020000)

1.Remove the transfer holder assembly (A) from the transfer housing (B).


2.Cut the lock tabs of the locknut using a chisel. Keep all of the chiseled particles out of the transfer driven gear.


3.Secure the transfer housing (A) in a bench vise (B) with soft jaws.

NOTE: To prevent damage to the transfer housing, always use soft jaws or equivalent materials between the transfer housing and the vise.


4.Install the special tool on the companion flange, then loosen the transfer driven gear shaft locknut.

5.Remove the transfer driven gear locknut (A), conical spring washer (B), back-up ring (C), O-ring (D) and companion flange (E).


6.Remove the transfer driven gear (A), then remove the transfer spacer (B) from the transfer driven gear.


7.Remove the oil seal (A) and the tapered roller bearing (B) from the transfer housing (C).