Steering Wheel Installation

1.Before installing the steering wheel, make sure the front wheels are aligned straight ahead, then center the cable reel (A). Do this by first rotating the cable reel clockwise until it stops. Then rotate it counterclockwise about three full turns. The arrow mark (B) on the cable reel label point should point straight up.


2.Position the two tabs (A) of the turn signal cancelling sleeve (B) as shown. Install the steering wheel on to the steering column shaft, making sure the steering wheel hub (C) engages the pins (D) of the cable reel and tabs of the canceling sleeve. Do not tap on the steering wheel or steering column shaft when installing the steering wheel.


3.Install the steering wheel bolt (A) and tighten it to the specified torque. Connect the cable reel subcord connectors (B). Make sure the wire harness is routed and fastened properly.


4.Install the driver's airbag, and confirm that the system is operating properly.

5.Check the cruise control, audio remote, horn and turn signal cancelling for proper operation.