DTC Troubleshooting: 83

DTC 83:  ECM/PCM Communication

1.Check the DTC.

Is DTC 86 indicated?

YES - Do the troubleshooting for DTC 86.n

NO - Go to 2.

2.Clear the DTC.

3.Test-drive the vehicle.

Do the VSA and VSA activation indicators come on, and is DTC 83 indicated?

YES - Go to 4.

NO - The system is OK at this time.n

4.Check the PGM-FI system.

Does the MIL indicator come on or is the ECM/PCM's DTC indicated?

YES - Do the applicable troubleshooting for the ECM/PCM.n

NO - Go to 5.

5.Clear the DTC.

6.Test-drive the vehicle.

Is DTC 83 indicated? and no ECM/PCM's DTC?

YES - Replace the VSA modulator-control unit.n

NO - The system is OK at this time.n