Intake Air Bypass Control Thermal Valve Replacement

1.Drain the engine coolant.

2.Remove the intake manifold cover.

3.Remove the throttle body.

4.Disconnect the hoses (A) from the intake air bypass control thermal valve (B).


5.Disconnect the radiator upper hose (C) and the engine coolant bypass hoses (D) from the engine coolant outlet (E).

6.Remove the engine coolant outlet.

NOTE: Do not separate the intake air bypass control thermal valve from the engine coolant outlet. If necessary, replace the engine coolant outlet assembly.

7.Intall the parts in the reverse order of removal with a new O-ring.

8.Refill the engine coolant.

NOTE: Be sure to close the under-hood fuse/relay box lid when refilling the engine coolant. Do not spill the engine coolant on the electric parts and painted surface. Wipe up the spilled engine coolant immediately.