Connecting Rod and Crankshaft End Play Inspection

1.Remove the oil pump.

2.Measure the connecting rod end play with a feeler gauge between the connecting rod and crankshaft.

Connecting Rod End Play:
Standard (New): 0.15-0.30 mm
(0.006-0.012 in.)
Service Limit: 0.40 mm (0.016 in.) 


3.If the connecting rod end play is out-of-tolerance, install a new connecting rod, and recheck. If it is still out-of-tolerance; replace the crankshaft.

4.Push the crankshaft firmly away from the dial indicator, and zero the dial against the end of the crankshaft. Then pull the crankshaft firmly back toward the indicator; the dial reading should not exceed the service limit.

Crankshaft End Play:
Standard (New): 0.10-0.35 mm
(0.004-0.014 in.)
Service Limit: 0.45 mm (0.018 in.) 


5.If the end play is out-of-tolerance, replace the thrust washers and recheck, if it is still out-of-tolerance, replace the crankshaft.