Parking Brake Cable Replacement - Rear Drum Brake

Exploded View


  • The parking brake cables must not be bent or distorted. This will lead to stiff operation and premature failure.
  • Refer to the Exploded View as needed during this procedure.

1.Release the parking brake lever fully.

2.Remove the console cover.

3.Loosen the parking brake cable adjusting nut (A).


4.Remove the brake shoes, and disconnect the parking brake cable (A) from the parking brake lever of the shoe.


5.Remove the cable clip (B) from the cable insertion part (C) at the reverse side of the backing plate (D).

6.Pull the parking brake cable and remove it from the backing plate.

7.Install the new cable in reverse order of removal, and note these items:

  • Be careful not to bend or distort the cable.
  • Align the projection (E) of the parking cable holder with the cutout (F) at the backing plate insertion part.
  • Insert until the groove (G) in the cable holder aligns with the cutout (H) at the cable insertion part.
  • Install the cable clip by inserting the straight end (I) of the clip into the cutout (H) at the cable insertion part and secure the parking cable holder securely.

8.Do the parking brake adjustment.