Tailgate Adjustment

1.Remove the support strut from each side.

2.Remove the these items from the body, and pull down the rear portion of the headliner. Take care not to bend the headliner excessively.

3.Remove the nuts (A), then remove the child anchor nuts (B) from both sides.

4.Slightly loosen each screw and nut.

5.Adjust the tailgate (C) alignment in the following sequence.

  • Adjust the tailgate hinges (D) right and left, as well as forward and rearward, using the elongated holes.
  • Turn the tailgate edge cushions (E), in or out as necessary, to make the tailgate, fit flush with the body at the side edges.
  • Adjust the fit between the tailgate and tailgate opening by moving the striker (F).


6.Tighten each screw and nut securely.

7.Check that the tailgate opens properly and locks securely.

8.Apply touch-up paint to the hinge mounting bolts and around the hinges.

9.Reinstall the support struts securely.

10.Grease the pivot portion of the tailgate hinges as indicated by the arrows.


11.Reinstall all remaining removed parts.