Instrument Visor Removal/Installation

  • Do not pry the visor or panel surface with a flat-tip screwdriver to prevent damage.
  • Take care not to scratch the dashboard and related parts.
  • LHD is shown, RHD is symmetrical.

1.Tilt the steering column down.

2.Remove the instrument panel (A):

-1 Gently pull out along the bottom to release the hooks (B), and ribs (C) from the clips (D) of the instrument lower visor (E).
-2 Gently pull out the upper portion of the panel to detach the hooks (F) and clips (G, H).


3.Remove the instrument lower visor (A):

-1 Remove the screws (B).
-2 Gently pull out along the top to release the clips (C).


4.Remove the screws, then remove the instrument upper visor (A).


5.Install the visors and panel in the reverse order of removal. Push the clip portions into place securely.