Rear Door Glass and Regulator Replacement

NOTE: Put on gloves to protect your hands.

1.Remove these items:

2.Carefully move the glass (A) until you can see the bolts, then remove them. Remove the glass from the regulator (B), and carefully lower the glass. Take care not to drop the glass inside the door.


3.Pull the glass run channel (A) away as needed. Loosen the nut (B), and remove the bolts (C, D) securing the rear lower channel (E), then remove the collar (F).


4.Pull the rear lower channel (A) forward, then remove the nut portion (B) from the door, and release the channel from the glass (C) by pulling the channel up.


5.Twist the rear lower channel (A) to pass it through the gap between the door panel and the rear sash, then pull the channel up to remove it.


6.Carefully remove the glass (A) out through the window slot. Take care not to drop the glass inside the door.


7.Disconnect and detach the connector (A) from the door.


8.Remove the bolts (B), pull the regulator (C) up to release the hooks (D), then remove the regulator (C) through the hole in the door.

9.Grease all the sliding surfaces of the regulator (A) where shown.


10.Install the glass and regulator in the reverse order of removal, and note these items: