CVT Forward Clutch Inspection and Reassembly

Special Tools Required
Clutch compressor attachment (  07ZAE-PRP0100)

1.Remove the snap ring (A), clutch and plate (B),
clutch discs (C), clutch plates (D), and waved spring (E), if assembled.


2.Inspect the clutch discs, clutch plates, and clutch end plate for wear, damage, and discoloration.

  • If the clutch discs are worn or damaged, replace the discs as a set.
  • If the clutch plates are worn, damaged, or discolored, replace the plates as a set.
  • If the clutch end plate is worn, damaged, or discolored, inspect the clutch end plate-to-top disc clearance, then replace the clutch end plate.

3.Soak the clutch discs thoroughly in ATF for a minimum of 30 minutes.

4.Install the waved spring on the clutch piston.

5.Starting with a clutch plate, alternately install the clutch plates and discs. Install the clutch end plate with the flat side toward the disc.


6.Install the snap ring.


7.Verify that the snap ring end gap (A) is 7.9 mm (0.311 in.) and above.


8.Check that the clutch piston engages by applying air pressure to the fluid passage, and also check that the piston releases when released air pressure.

9.Set a dial indicator (A) on the clutch end plate (B).


10.Zero the dial indicator with the clutch end plate lifted up to the snap ring (C).

11.Release the clutch end plate to lower the clutch end plate, then put the special tool on the end plate (A).


12.Press the special tool down with 40 N (4 kgf, 9 lbf) using a force gauge, and read the dial indicator (B). The dial indicator reads the clearance (C) between the clutch end plate and top disc (D). Take measurements in at least three place, and use the average as the actual clearance.

Clutch End Plate-to-Top Disc Clearance 
Service Limit: 0.55-0.85 mm (0.022-0.033 in.) 

13.If the clearance is out of service limit, select a new clutch end plate from the following table.


Mark Part Number Thickness 
14 22574-P4V-003 3.4 mm (0.134 in.) 
15 22561-P4V-003 3.5 mm (0.138 in.) 
16 22562-P4V-003 3.6 mm (0.142 in.) 
17 22563-P4V-003 3.7 mm (0.146 in.) 
18 22564-P4V-003 3.8 mm (0.150 in.) 
19 22565-P4V-003 3.9 mm (0.154 in.) 
20 22566-P4V-003 4.0 mm (0.157 in.) 
21 22567-P4V-003 4.1 mm (0.161 in.) 
22 22568-P4V-003 4.2 mm (0.165 in.) 
23 22569-P4V-003 4.3 mm (0.169 in.) 
24 22570-P4V-003 4.4 mm (0.173 in.) 
25 22571-P4V-003 4.5 mm (0.177 in.) 
26 22572-P4V-003 4.6 mm (0.181 in.) 
27 22573-P4V-003 4.7 mm (0.185 in.) 
28 22574-PWR-003 4.8 mm (0.189 in.) 

14.Install the new clutch end plate, then recheck the clearance. If the thickest clutch end plate is installed, but the clearance still over the service limit, replace the clutch discs and plates.