ATF Feed Pipe Replacement - End Cover

1.Remove feed pipe flange plate (A), then remove the feed pipe (B) and feed pipe flange (C) from the end cover (D).

NOTE: Replace the end cover, if the undetachable ATF feed pipes (E) replacement is required.


2.Install the new O-ring (F) over the ATF feed pipe.

3.Install the new O-ring (G) on the feed pipe flange.

4.Install the feed pipe (A) through the feed pipe flange (B) with aligning the feed pipe tab (C) with the guide (D) on the flange.

NOTE: The illustration shows the tabs and guides for sake of clarity.


5.Install the ATF feed pipe over the undetachable feed pipe (E), and align the tab (F) of the feed pipe flange with the guide (G) on the end cover.

6.Install the feed pipe flange plate.