DTC Troubleshooting: P1890 (42-1)

DTC P1890:  Problem in Shift Control System

NOTE: Record all freeze data before you troubleshoot.

1.Check whether the another DTC is indicated.

Is the another DTC indicated?

YES - Perform the troubleshooting for the indicated DTC(s). Recheck for DTC P1890 after troubleshooting.

NO - Go to 2

2.Measure the stall speed RPM in [D], [S], [L], and [R] positions.

Is the stall speed over 3,500 rpm (min-1)?

YES - Replace the transmission.n

NO - If the stall speed is below 2,000 rpm (min-1), replace the control valve body. If the stall speed is in 2,000-3,500 rpm (min-1), go to 3.

3.Turn the ignition switch OFF.

4.Set the digital multitester to monitor the throttle position sensor voltage between PCM connector terminals A15 and A23 or A24.


5.Drive the vehicle in [D] position on a flat road at 60 km/h (37 mph) with throttle position sensor voltage 2.0 V, and measure the engine speed RPM.

Is the engine speed in 2,200-3,100 rpm (min-1)?

YES - Replace the control valve body.n

NO - Replace the transmission.n