Outside Air Temperature Indicator Test

NOTE: To test the outside air temperature sensor.


If the indicator displays ‘‘---'' for more than two seconds after selecting the outside air temperature display mode, Check the climate control system for DTCs, or an open in the PNK wire between the gauge assembly and the outside air temperature sensor.



The outside air temperature indicator's displayed temperature can be recalibrated ±3° to meet the customer's expectations.

1.Turn the ignition switch ON (II).

2.Push and hold the reset select button for 10 seconds. While you continue to hold the button, the display will scroll through temperature settings from +3° to -3° as shown.


3.When the desired correction value appears on the display, release the button, and the recalibrated outside air temperature will be displayed.

NOTE: To recalibrate the display to the true temperature, remove the outside air temperature sensor (A), but leave it connected. Submerge the sensor and a thermometer (B) in a container of ice water (C). Select the calibration mode as described above, then recalibrate the display to the true temperature.