7-speed Mode Steering Shift - (Minus) Switch Replacement

For KB, KE, KG, and KQ (L15A1 engine) Models (6-position CVT+7Speed Mode)

SRS components are located in this area. Review the following articles in the SRS before performing repairs or service;

1.Remove the steering wheel.

2.Remove the screws (A) (4) securing the steering wheel rear cover (B), and steering front left cover (C), then remove the steering wheel rear cover.


3.Remove steering shift - (minus) switch connector from its clamp, and disconnect the connector.

4.Remove the screw (D) securing the steering shift - (minus) switch (E), then remove the switch.

5.Replace the steering shift - (minus) switch.

6.Install the steering front left cover and new steering shift - (minus) switch with the screw, and install the steering wheel rear cover with the screws (4).

7.Install the steering wheel.