Engine Oil Pan Installation

1.Remove old liquid gasket from the oil pan mating surfaces, bolts and bolt holes.

2.Clean and dry the oil pan mating surfaces.

3.Install the new oil pan gasket on the oil pan.


4.Apply liquid gasket, P/N 08C70-K0334M or 08C70- X0331S, to the cylinder block mating surface of the oil pan and the inner threads of the holes.


  • Apply a 1.5 mm wide bead of the liquid gasket along the broken line (A).
  • Apply a 5.0 mm wide bead of the liquid gasket to the shaded area (B).
  • Do not install the parts if 5 minutes or more have elapsed since applying liquid gasket. Instead, reapply liquid gasket after removing old residue.


5.Install the oil pan (A) with dowel pin (B) and new O-ring (C).


6.Tighten the bolts in two or three steps.

Specified torque:
(1): 24 N·m (2.4 kgf·m, 17 lbf·ft) 
(2)-(13): 12 N·m (1.2 kgf·m, 8.7 lbf·ft) 


7.Install the clutch cover/torque converter cover (A), and tighten the two bolts (B) securing the transmission.


8.Install the dipstick tube (A) with new O-ring (B).


9.After assembly, wait at least 30 minutes before filling the engine with oil.