Windshield Wiper Intermittent Control Circuit Input Test

1.Remove the wiper/washer switch.

LHD type and KE model: 

RHD type except KE: 

2.With the connector connected, make these input tests at the connector.

  • If a test indicates a problem, find and correct the cause, then recheck the system.
  • If the input tests prove OK, replace the wipers/washers switch.

Cavity Wire Test condition Test: Desired result Possible cause if result is not obtained 
12 [9] BLU/WHT Ignition switch ON (II), the windshield wiper switch in ‘‘INT'' Check for voltage between the No. 12 [No. 9] and No. 4 [No. 3] terminals:
There should be about 0-5 V-0-5 V repeatedly. 
  • Faulty wipers/washers switch
  • Faulty windshield wiper motor
  • An open in the wire

[ ]:RHD type except KE