CVT Installation

1.Install the rear mount/bracket.


2.Install the air cleaner housing bracket.


3.Apply the splines of the flywheel hub with Super High Temp Urea Grease (P/N 41211-PY5-305) lightly, then install the flywheel (A) on the input shaft (B).


4.Install the 14 mm dowel pins (C) in the flywheel housing.

5.Place the transmission on the jack, and raise it to the engine level.

6.Install the transmission housing mounting bolts.


7.Install the transmission housing mounting bolts.


8.Install the transmission housing mounting bolts.


9.Install the transmission mount bracket (A), and install the transmission mount bolt (B) loosely.


10.Install and tighten the bracket bolt and nuts to the specified torque, then tighten the mount bolt to the specified torque.

11.Install the transmission ground cable terminal (C).

12.Remove the transmission jack.

13.Attach the flywheel to the drive plate with the bolts (6) (A). Rotate the crankshaft pulley as necessary to tighten the bolts to 1/2 of the specified torque, then to the final torque, in a crisscross pattern. After installing the last bolt, check that the crankshaft rotate freely.


14.Install the flywheel cover (B).

15.Install the Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) connector and its bracket on the flywheel housing.


16.Install the new set rings (A) on the left and right driveshaft ends (B).


17.Clean the areas where the driveshafts contact the transmission (differential) with solvent or carburetor cleaner, and dry with compressed air. Install the left and right driveshaft to the differential. While installing the driveshaft in the differential, be sure not to allow dust or other foreign particles to enter the transmission.

NOTE: Turn the right and left steering knuckle fully outward, and slide the driveshafts into the differential until you feel its set rings engage the side gear.

18.Install the driveshaft boot cover (A) with installing the upper bolts (B) loosely, then install the lower bolt (C) loosely.


19.Tighten the upper bolts to the specified torque, then tighten the lower bolt. To prevent damage to the driveshaft boot cover, be sure to install the upper bolts first, then install the lower bolt.

20.Support the front sub-frame with a 4 x 4 x 40 in. place of wood, and lift it up to the body.


21.Install the front sub-frame on the body with installing the steering gearbox on the sub-frame, then tighten the new mounting bolts (4).


22.Install the rear mount bracket bolts.


23.Install the steering gearbox mounting bolts with the bracket (A) and stiffener (B).


24.Install the steering gearbox mounting bolts with its bracket (A).


25.Connect the lower arm ball joints (A) to the knuckles (B), and install the castle nuts (C), then secure them with the spring clip (D).


26.Connect the ball joints of the steering tie-rod end (E) to the knuckles, and install the ball joint nuts (F), then secure them with the new cotter pins (G).

27.Install the stabilizer link (H) to the front stabilizer (I). Insert a 5 mm Allen wrench (J) in the top of the ball joint pins (K), and tighten the nuts (L).

28.Install the driveshaft (M) through the hub, and install the new spindle nuts (N) on the driveshafts. Stake the spindle nut into the driveshaft.

29.Remove the engine hanger.


30.Install the bolt on the intake manifold, and connect the vacuum hose to the evaporative emission canister purge valve.

31.Connect the ATF cooler hoses (A) to the ATF cooler lines (B).


32.Install the splash shield.

33.Connect the CVT driven pulley speed sensor connector (A) and CVT speed sensor connector (B).


34.Connect the transmission range switch connector (C), then install the harness clamp (D) in the bracket (E).

35.Install the shift cable end (A) on the control lever (B), and install the shift cable bracket (C).


36.Install the plastic washer (D), then install the steel washer (E), and install the spring clip (F) in the direction shown.

37.Install the harness clamp (G) in the shift cable bracket.

38.Install the radiator hose (A) in the hose clamp (B).


39.Install the clamp bracket (C) on the transmission housing, then install the battery cable clamps (D) on the brackets (C) (E).

40.Install the harness cover (A) on the bracket (B), then install the bolt (C).


41.Connect the CVT start clutch pressure control valve connector (D), CVT pulley pressure control valve connector (E), and CVT speed change control valve connector (F).

42.Connect the inhibitor solenoid connector (A) and CVT drive pulley speed sensor connector (B).


43.Refill transmission with Honda ATF-Z1 (ATF).

44.Install the battery base, and install the battery cable clamp on the bracket on the base.

45.Install the air cleaner housing and intake air duct.

46.Install the battery tray and battery, then secure the battery with its hold-down bracket.

47.Connect the battery positive terminal, then connect the negative terminal. Apply around the battery terminals with grease.

48.Set the parking brake. Start the engine, and shift the transmission through all positions three times.

49.Check the shift lever operation, A/T gear position indicator operation, and shift cable adjustment.

50.Check and adjust the front wheel alignment.

51.Start the engine and let it idle until it reaches normal operating temperature (the radiator fan comes on) with the transmission in the [P] or [N] position, then turn it off and check the ATF level.

52.Calibrate the feedback signal for the start clutch control.

53.Perform the road test.