CVT Differential Carrier Bearing Side Clearance Inspection

Special Tools Required
Driver 40 mm I.D. (  07746-0030100)

1.Install the set ring in the transmission housing.


2.Install the differential assembly in the transmission housing, then drive the differential to seat in the housing.


3.Install the dowel pins (3) (A) and gasket (B) on the transmission housing (C).


4.Place the flywheel housing (D) on the transmission housing.

5.Install the housing bolts, and tighten them in a crisscross pattern in two or more steps.

6.Measure the clearance between the set ring and carrier bearing outer race with a feeler gauge.

STANDARD: 0-0.15 mm (0-0.006 in.) 


7.If the clearance is out of standard, remove the set ring, and measure its thickness.

8.Select a new set ring from the following table.

SET RING, 80 mm
No. Part Number Thickness 
90414-689-000 2.5 mm (0.098 in.) 
90415-689-000 2.6 mm (0.102 in.) 
90416-689-000 2.7 mm (0.106 in.) 
90417-689-000 2.8 mm (0.110 in.) 
90418-689-000 2.9 mm (0.114 in.) 
90419-PH8-000 3.0 mm (0.118 in.) 

9.Install the new set ring, and rechck the clearance and make sure it is within the standard.