DTC Troubleshooting: P1297 (20-1)

DTC P1297 (20-1):  ELD Circuit Low Voltage

1.Reset the ECM/PCM.

2.Start the engine.

3.Turn on the headlights.

Is DTC P1297 indicated?

YES - Go to 4.

NO - Intermittent failure, system is OK at this time. Check for poor connections or loose wires at the ELD and at the  ECM/ PCM.n

4.Turn the ignition switch and the headlights OFF.

5.Disconnect the ELD 3P connector.

6.Turn the ignition switch ON (II).

7.Measure voltage between body ground and the ELD 3P connector terminal No. 3.


Is there about 5 V?

YES - Replace the ELD.n

NO - Go to 8.

8.Turn the ignition switch OFF.

9.Disconnect the negative cable from the battery.

10.Disconnect ECM/PCM connector E (31P).

11.Check for continuity between body ground and ECM/PCM connector terminal E15.


Is there continuity?

YES - Repair short in the wire between the ECM/PCM (E15) and the ELD.n

NO - Substitute a known-good ECM/PCM and recheck. If symptom/indication goes away, replace the original  ECM/ PCM.n