DTC Troubleshooting: P1887 (53-1)

DTC P1887:  Problem in VABS Circuit

NOTE: Record all freeze data before you troubleshoot.

1.Check whether the ABS DTC is indicated.

Is the ABS DTC indicated?

YES - Perform the ABS troubleshooting by the indicated DTC, and recheck for DTC P1887 after troubleshooting.

NO - Go to 2.

2.Turn the ignition switch OFF.

3.Check for continuity between PCM connector terminal A23 and body ground, and between terminal A24 and body ground.


Are there continuity?

YES - Go to 4.

NO - Repair open in the wire PCM connector terminals A23 and A24, and ground (G101), or repair poor ground (G101).n

4.Lift up the vehicle, and allow the wheels to rotate freely.

5.With driving the vehicle, measure the voltage between PCM connector terminals A18 and A23 or A24.


Is there pulsing voltage between 0-5 V?

YES - Check for loose terminal fit in the PCM connectors. If necessary, substitute a known-good  PCM and recheck.n

NO - Go to 6.

6.Disconnect ABS control unit connector.

7.With driving the vehicle and remaining lifted up, measure the voltage between ABS control unit connector terminal No. 15 and body ground.


Is there voltage?

YES - Check for loose terminal fit in the ABS control unit connector.n

NO - Repair open or short in the VABS wire between PCM connector terminal A15 and ABS control unit.n