Design Specifications

Item Measurement Qualification Specification 
DIMENSIONS Overall length  3,830 mm (150.8 in.) 
Overall width  1,675 mm (65.9 in.) 
Overall height  1,525 mm (60.0 in.) 
Wheelbase  2,450 mm (96.5 in.) 
Track equipped with 175 / 65 R14 82T tyres Front 1,455 mm (57.3 in.) 
Rear 1,445 mm (56.9 in.) 
Track equipped with 185 / 55 R15 82V tyres Front 1,440 mm (56.7 in.) 
Rear 1,430 mm (56.3 in.) 
Ground clearance  150 mm (5.9 in.) 
Seating capacity  four (4) 
WEIGHT Curb weight M/T 983-1,046 kg (2,167-2,306 lbs) 
CVT 1,063-1,068 kg (2,343-2,355 lbs) 
Max. permissible weight (European models)  1,315 kg (3,285 lbs) 
ENGINE Type  Water-cooled, 4-stroke SOHC VTEC engine 
Cylinder arrangement  Inline 4-cylinder, transverse 
Bore and stroke  73.0 x 89.4 mm (2.87 x 3.52 in.) 
Displacement  1,496 cm3 (91 cu in.) 
Compression ratio  10.4 
Valve train  Chain drive, SOHC VTEC 4 valves per cylinder 
Lubrication system  Forced, wet sump, with trochoid pump 
Oil pump displacement at 6,300 engine rpm (min-144.6 [liter] (47.1 US qt, 39.2 lmp qt) 
Water pump displacement at 6,000 engine rpm (min-1120 [liter] (127 US qt, 106 lmp qt) 
Fuel required  UNLEADED gasoline with 91 research octane number or higher 
STARTER Type  Gear reduction 
Normal output  0.7 kW 
Hour rating  30 seconds 
Rotation direction  Clockwise as viewed from gear end 
CLUTCH Clutch type M/T Single plate dry, diaphragm spring 
CVT Multi plates wet sump, hydraulic 
Clutch friction material surface area M/T 143 cm2 (22.1 sq in.) 

Item Measurement Qualification Specification 
MANUAL TRANSMISSION Type  Synchronized, 5-speed forward, 1 reverse 
Primary reduction  Direct 1:1 
Gear ratio 1st 3.142 
2nd 1.750 
3rd 1.241 
4th 0.969 
5th 0.805 
Reverse 3.230 
Final 4.111 
Final reduction Type Single helical gear 
CVT Type  Electronically controlled continuously variable transmission 
Primary reduction  Direct 1:1 
Gear ratio Low-High 2.367-0.407 
Reverse 2.367-1.326 
Final reduction Type Single helical helical gear 
Gear ratio 4.333 
STEERING Type  Rack and pinion with electrical power-assisted 
Overall ratio  14.49 
Turns, lock-to-lock  2.83 
Steering wheel diameter  380 mm (15.0 in.) 
SUSPENSION Type Front Independent strut with stabilizer, coil spring 
Rear De Dion axle 
Shock absorber Front Telescopic, hydraulic, nitrogen gas-filled 
Rear Telescopic, hydraulic, nitrogen gas-filled 
BRAKES Type of service brake Front Power-assisted self-adjusting ventilated disc 
Rear Power-assisted self-adjusting solid drum 
Type of parking brake  Mechanical actuating, rear wheels 
Pad friction surface area Front 44.5 cm2 (6.90 sq in.) x 2 
Shoe friction surface area Rear 49.0 cm2 (7.60 sq in.) x 2 
TYRES Size of front and rear tyres  175/65 R14 82T 
 185/55 R15 82V 
Size of spare tyre  T115/70 D14 88M 

Item Measurement Qualification Specification 
AIR CONDITIONING Compressor Type Scroll 
Capacity 85.7 m[liter] (5.23 cu in.) /rev. 
Maximum speed 12,000 rpm (min-1
Lubricant capacity 85 m[liter] (2 1/6 fl oz) 
Lubricant type SP-10 (KEIHIN) 
Condenser Type Corrugated fin 
Evaporator Type Corrugated fin 
Blower Type Radial 
Motor type 220 W/12 V 
Speed control 4-speed 
Maximum capacity 380 m3/h (13,400 cu ft/h) 
Temperature control  Air-mix type 
Compressor clutch Type Dry, single plate, Poly V-belt drive 
Electrical power consumption at 68°F (20°C) 42 W maximum at 12 V 
Refrigerant Type HFC-134 a (R-134 a) 
Capacity 400-450 g (14.1-15.9 oz) 
ELECTRICAL RATINGS Battery   12 V-28 AH/5 hours 
Starter  12 V-0.6 kW 
Alternator  12 V-75 A 
Fuses Under-hood fuse/relay box 80 A, 50 A, 40 A, 30 A, 20 A, 15 A, 10 A 
Under-dash fuse/relay box 20 A, 15 A, 10 A, 7.5 A 
Light bulbs Headlight high beam 12 V-60 W 
Headlight low beam 12 V-55 W 
Front turn signal/Front side marker lights 12 V-21 W 
Front parking lights 12 V-5 W 
Rear turn signal lights 12 V-21 W 
Brake/Taillights 12 V-21/5 W 
Back-up lights 12 V-21 W 
License plate light 12 V-5 W 
Ceiling light 12 V-8 W 
Tailgate light 12 V-5 W 
Spotlights 12 V-5 W 
Gauge lights LED 
Indicator lights LED 
Auxiliary fuse holder 12-7.5 A