Steering Gearbox Removal

Special Tools Required
Ball joint remover, 28 mm (  07MAC-SL00200)

Note these items during removal:
  • LHD type is shown, RHD type is symmetrical.
  • Be sure to remove the steering wheel before disconnecting the steering joint. Damage to the cable reel can occur.

1.Disconnect the negative cable from the battery.

2.Set the front wheels in the straight ahead position.

3.Remove the driver's airbag and steering wheel.

4.Raise the front of vehicle, and support it with safety stands in the proper locations.

5.Remove the front wheels.

6.Remove the steering joint cover.


7.Remove the steering joint bolts (A), and disconnect the steering joint by moving the steering joint (B) toward the column.


8.Remove the front splash shield (A), and rear left and right splash shields (B).



9.Remove the spindle nut. Pull the knuckle outward, and remove the driveshaft outboard joint from the knuckle by tapping the driveshaft end with a plastic hammer.

10.Remove the lock pin (A) from the lower arm ball joint, and remove 12 mm castle nut (B).


11.Separate the lower arm ball joint and knuckle using the special tool.

NOTE: Set the special tool over the lower arm ball joint while pulled the outboard joint.

12.Remove the cotter pin (A) from the tie-rod ball joint, and remove 10 mm nut (B).


13.Separate the tie-rod ball joint and knuckle using the special tool.

14.Remove the self-locking nut (A) while holding the joint pin (B) with a hex wrench (C), and disconnect the stabilizer link (D) from the stabilizer bar (E).


15.Disconnect the motor 2P connector (A), EPS wire harness 6P connector (B) and steering gearbox 1P connector (C).
After disconnected the connectors, attach a piece of tape over the 6P, 2P and 1P connectors to protect them from dust, dirt, and foreign materials.


16.Release the heated oxygen sensor (HO2S) cord clip (A) from the gearbox housing.


17.Remove the support bolt (A) of the transmission rear mount bracket (B) on the front suspension subframe.


18.Place the transmission jack at the underside of the center of the front suspension subframe and support it.

19.Remove the front suspension subframe mounting bolts (A), and discard them.


20.Lower the front suspension subframe (B) and steering gearbox as an assembly by lowering jack slowly.

21.Remove the steering gearbox (A) from the front suspension subframe.

NOTE: For equipped models, remove the steering gearbox mounting bracket (B) and the stiffener (C) after removing the steering gearbox if necessary.




22.Remove the pinion shaft grommet (D) from the top of the torque sensor.