7-speed Mode Steering Shift + (Plus) Switch Replacement

For KB, KE, KG, and KQ (L15A1 engine) Models (6-position CVT+7Speed Mode)

SRS components are located in this area. Review the following articles in the SRS before performing repairs or service;

1.Remove the steering wheel.

2.Remove the screws (A) (4) securing the steering wheel rear cover (B), then remove the steering wheel rear cover.


3.Remove steering shift + (plus) switch connector from its clamp, and disconnect the connector.

4.Remove the screw (C) securing the steering shift + (plus) switch (D), then remove the switch.

5.Replace the steering shift + (plus) swtch with a new one.

6.Install the 7SPEED MODE main switch and new steering shift + (plus) switch with the screw, and install the steering wheel rear cover with the screws (4).

7.Install the steering wheel.